Syedna Hazrat Bilal By Prof Muhammad Tufail Pdf

Book Name: Syedna Hazrat Bilal

Writer: Professor Muhammad Tufail Chaudhary


Professor Muhammad Tufail is the author of the book Syedna Hazrat Bilal pdf. The author wrote this book on the life, character, and difficulties faced by the most loving person in the universe Hazrat Bilal R.A. This book is the biography of the enslaved person who loved Rasool Allah S.A.W. and wanted to sacrifice his entire life for the last messenger of Allah.

The book Syedna Hazrat Bilal pdf is a beautiful Islamic gift for all Muslims worldwide. He was the slave of Umayya Bin Khalaf, the chieftain of Makkah before the arrival of Islam. When Hazrat Bilal listened to the last Prophet, he wanted to go and meet with Rasool Allah. Then, his master gave him cruel punishments for embracing Islam because the enslaved person had no wish.

When Holy Prophet listened to him then, they tried to make him an independent person and did it. He had a great love for the Nabi e Karim, and he is the first Moazan (reciter of Azan) in the history of Islam. I hope you will like the book Syedna Hazrat Bilal Pdf and share it with your friends.

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