Jo Ruke To Kohe Giran Thay Hum By Aneeza Syed Pdf

Book Name: Jo Ruke To Kohe Giran Thay Hum

Writer: Aneeza Syed


Aneeza Syed is the authoress of the book Jo Ruke To Kohe Giran Thay Hum Novel. The authoress of this beautiful novella is an emerging female writer, short story writer, and novelist. Aneeza Syed started writing for Urdu digest, but later on, she wrote so many enticing stories and appreciated the fans.

The book Jo Ruke To Kohe Giran Thay Hum Novel Pdf is another excellent story by Aneeza Syed. It is a great social and romantic story published first in the episodic form in a digest, but now, it is available in a complete pdf format. The writer describes the story of a young girl who was in search of a true partner who may help her through thick and thin. The story covers so many aspects of loneliness, anxiety, and warm feelings.

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Download Episodes 1-16

Episodes 17-29

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