Deedum Novel By Asma Rehman Pdf

Book Name: Deedum Novel

Writer: Asma Rehman


Asma Rehman is the author of the book Deedum Novel Urdu Pdf. She is a famous female story writer and emerging novelist in Urdu. Asma Rehman is a regular writer for digests and Urdu magazines. Although her career has been short, she has produced many excellent stories and novels. Asma Rehman uses her writing skills to educate the community on various public issues.

The book Deedum Novel Urdu PDF is an excellent social, romantic, and cultural story by Asma Rehman. It was published in a monthly digest, and I greatly appreciated its unique idea and topic. In this story, the author describes the life of a Korean girl who has deep roots in Pakistan.

The girl also falls in love with a young Pakistani, her cousin. She decides to leave her luxurious life and plans. This twist gives the story an exciting twist that captures the readers’ attention. I hope you like the book Deedum Novel PDF and share it with your friends.

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