Sharah Deewan Ghaus e Azam By Shaikh Abdul Qadir Gilani

Book Name: Sharah Deewan Ghaus e Azam

Writer: Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani

Translator: Muhammad Ali Chiragh


The book Sharah Deewan Ghaus e Azam Pdf is written by Hazrat Shaykh Abdul Qadir Gilani R.A. This book is the Urdu translation of the original Arabic context. It describes the teachings of Sufism. It also contains the basic principles of Islam and the teachings of Islam. For those who find Diwan of Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, can read this book.

The book Sharah Deewan Ghaus e Azam Pdf is another beautiful gift for the followers of Islam. The author of this book was an eminent scholar, fiqh, mystic, theologian, and orator. He was also the founder of Qadriya order of Sufism which is considered as the most popular order of Islam. We hope our fans will like the book Sharah Deewan Ghaus e Azam Pdf.

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