Tazkar e Sahabiyaat By Talib Hashmi Pdf

Book name: Tazkar e Sahabiyaat

Writer: Talib Hashmi


The book Tazkar e Sahabiyaat PDF is another excellent work by Talib Hashmi. The author of this Islamic book is a prominent writer, biographer, historian, and scholar of Islam. Talib Hashmi wrote many of the best books on Islamic history and got appreciation from readers.

The book Tazkar e Sahabiyaat PDF by Talib Hashmi is a beautiful Islamic gift for all Muslims. This book concerns the lifespan, teachings, successes, and tacit approvals of the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s P.B.U.H. companions.

All these companions who led their lives under Rasool S.A.W.’s leadership became the most prominent personalities in the world. And this book is about the attributes of the fellows of Nabi e Kareem S.A.W. I hope you will like the book Tazkar e Sahabiyaat PDF by Talib Hashmi and share it with your friends.

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