Aaina e Qayamat Urdu By Hasan Raza Khan Pdf

Book Name: Aaina e Qayamat

Writer: Allama Maulana Hasan Raza Khan


Maulana Hasan Raza Khan is the author of Aaina e Qayamat Urdu Pdf. He is a renowned religious scholar, orator, and preacher of Islam. He is the brother of Imam Ahmad Raza Khan and the son of the prolific religious scholar Mufti Taqi Ali Khan.

The book Aaina e Qayamat Pdf is one of the most original books on the topic of the incident of Karbala. In this book, the author gives many trustable references from history. Hasan Raza Khan talked about the reasons and the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain A.S. He also unveiled the sinister role of Yazid, who will be remembered as the tyrant in the history of the world.

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