Nabi e Karim Bahasiat e Muallim By Fazal Ilahi Pdf

Book Name: Nabi e Karim Bahasiat e Muallim

Writer: Professor Fazal Ilahi


Professor Fazal Ilahi is the author of the book Nabi e Karim Bahasiat e Muallim Pdf. The author wrote this beautiful Islamic book on the lifespan and sacred teachings of Rasool Allah SAW. Allah sent many Prophets to the earth to show the right path to the people. But, they didn’t learn from the instructions and teased them. Some people criticized them, and some did harm their lives.

The book Nabi e Karim Bahasiat e Muallim Pdf by Fazal Ilahi is the best book on the teachings of Nabi e Karim SAWW. Allah bestowed his love on his last messenger Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Rasool Allah never went to school, but they were the most prominent teacher in themselves.

All the non-Muslim researchers and historians acknowledged the teachings of Nabi e Rauf e Raheem SAW. So, our beloved Prophet was the first-ever most excellent teacher of the universe. I hope you like the book by Fazal Ilahi and share it with your friends.

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