Jhootay Nabion Ka Anjaam By Irtaza Ali Kirmani Pdf

Book Name: Jhootay Nabion Ka Anjaam

Writer: Syed Irtaza Ali Kirmani


The book Jhootay Nabion Ka Anjaam Pdf is a beautiful Islamic compilation by Syed Irtaza Ali Kirmani. The author of this excellent book is a scholar and writer. He authored some best books on the topic of Islamic history. Most of the books contain the subject of Islamic teachings and Muslim personalities.

The book Jhootay Nabion Ka Anjaam Pdf tells the history of false prophethood. This book started with the inception of the prophethood of Tulaiha Asadi and ends with the result of Yousaf Kazab of Pakistan. The campaign of false prophethood started in the reign of Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique when Musailma Kazab announced being Prophet. Till now, many people asserted false prophethood, and all of them founded bad fate.

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