Ashab e Badar By Qazi Sulaiman Mansoorpuri Pdf

Book Name: Ashab e Badar

Writer: Qazi Sulaiman Salman Mansoorpuri


Qazi Sulaiman Mansoorpuri is the author of the book Ashab e Badar Pdf. The author of the book is an excellent writer who authored this great book on the first Ghazwa of Islam. It was the first every official battle that opened a new way between the countries or kingdoms. The Ghazwa of Badar fought between Muslims and Quraish of Makkah on the battlefield of Badar.

The book Ashab e Badar Pdf is about the companions of Rasool Allah SAW. They fought with bravery and showed their faith in Allah and his last messenger, the Holy Prophet SAW. This Ghazwa turned into the iconic fight in which 313 Muslims participated, whereas more than one thousand Kufaar joined hands with the chieftain of Makkah Abu Jahal. Two small kids, Muaz and Muawaz, killed Abu Jahal, who was the commander of this battle. That was the Ghazwa that differentiated between Haq and Batal.

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