Hayat e Yousaf A.S By M Siddique Multani Pdf

Book Name: Hayat e Yousaf A.S

Writer: Muhammad Siddique Multani


Muhammad Siddique Multani is the author of the book Hayat e Yousaf A.S Pdf. The author discusses the life, character, beauty, and interpretation of the dreams of the Prophet of Allah. Joseph was the son of Jacob (Hazrat Yaqub), and they both were the Prophets of Allah. The story began with the verses when Hazrat Yousuf said to his father about his dream in these words,

“O, my father! I saw eleven planets and the sun and the moon. I saw them prostrating to me.” Then, the father of Joseph said to his beautiful child, Don’t tell your brothers this dream. Verily! Satan is an open enemy of humans.

The book Hayat e Yousaf A.S Pdf is a beautiful story of the Prophet of Allah. Allah tested his most beautiful messenger with the Zulaikha, and Allah’s Prophet remained still as he was before. This book gives an excellent story of when an enslaved person becomes the kingdom’s King with his beautiful acts and deeds. Hazrat Yousuf is regarded as the most beautiful Prophet of Allah. So the beauty of this prophet is also mentioned in the Quran.

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