Ghazwa e Hunain by Allama M Ahmad Bashmail Pdf

Book Name: Ghazwa e Hunain

Writer: Allama Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail


Allama Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail is the compiler of the Islamic book Ghazwa e Hunain Pdf. He is a distinguished writer, biographer, and scholar of Isalm. He authored a series of Islamic books about the great wars and battles. His services for the renaissance of Islam brought him to mainstream fame among the other scholars of Islam.

The book Ghazwa e Hunain Urdu pdf by Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail is another great Islamic work. When Muslims conquested Makkah then, they were celebrating the win of the triumph. This thing shattered the Hatters of Isalm, and they indulged in malicious activities as they decided to fight another battle in response to the conquest of Makkah. Muslims in the leadership of Rasool Allah SAW defeated the tribes of Banu Saqeef and won another battle. I hope you will like the book Ghazwa e Hunain Urdu Pdf by Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail and share it.

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