Imam Pak Aur Yazeed Paleed By Shafi Okarvi Pdf

Book Name: Imam Pak Aur Yazeed Paleed

Writer: Maulana Muhammad Shafi Okarvi


Maulana Muhammad Shafi Okarvi authors the book Imam Pak Aur Yazeed Paleed Pdf. The author of this book is a great scholar of Islam. Muhammad Shafi Okarvi also gives sermons that lure the hearts of the listeners. Due to his excellent command of speech, he attracted a large number of people to every place.

The book Imam Pak Aur Yazeed Paleed Pdf is another excellent piece of writing by him. The incident of Karbala happened on 10th Muharram Ul Haram 61st A.H on the land of Iraq – Karbala. The incident was unforgetaAlmighty Allah has folded the universe was the tyrant governor of Iraq who killed Hazrat Imam Hussain A.S and earned the fate of hell. I hope you will also like the book Imam Pak Aur Yazeed Paleed Pdf by Maulana Shafi Okarvi and share it with your friends.

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