Allah Kay 10 Paighambar By Saadi Sangruri Pdf

Book Name: Allah Kay 10 Paighambar

Writer: Saadi Sangruri


Saadi Sangruri is the author of the book Allah Kay 10 Paighambar Pdf. The author wrote this book about the lifespan and teachings of the Prophets of Allah. Allah sent his messengers to the earth so that they showed the right path to the people. But, some people accepted the teachings of these Prophets, and some insulted the preachers. At last, the time came when they faced severe trouble in their life by harming the messengers of Allah.

The book Allah Kay 10 Paighambar Pdf by Saadi Sangruri is a beautiful Islamic gift for all Muslims. This book contains the life, character, and teachings of the great prophets. It includes Hazrat Ibrahim A.S, Hazrat Idrees, Hazrat Noah, Yousaf, Shoaib, Hood, Moosa, Younas, Issa, and last prophet of Allah Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). I hope you will like this book Allah Kay 10 Paighambar pdf and share it with others. So, like, share, and comment below the blog.

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