Nabi e Karim Bahasiat e Walid By Fazal Ilahi Pdf

Book Name: Nabi e Karim Bahasiat e Walid

Writer: Professor Fazal Ilahi


Professor Fazal Ilahi writes the book Nabi e Karim Bahasiat e Walid Pdf. The author wrote this book about the love of Rasool Allah for his children. Allah sent his last messenger on the earth and fulfilled the passion with his previous Prophet. All the softness and virtues come to an end to the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). Prof Fazal Ilahi discusses the love and kindness of the Nabi e Karim Rauf o Rahim towards humans in detail.

The book Nabi e Karim Bahasiat e Walid pdf is a beautiful Islamic gift for all parents. Rasool e Karim set an example of kindness towards the children by loving her beloved daughter Hazrat Fatima R.A. The Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad greatly loved his daughter and called him Ahl e Bait. It was only due to his greatness and kindness to his daughter, who also greatly loved his father.

Every parent must read this book, which will give you a complete code of life. I hope you will like this book Nabi e Karim Bahasiat e Walid Pdf by Prof Fazal Ilahi. SO, read and share this beautiful Islamic book with others.

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