Wo Bhi Kya Din Thay by Hakeem Muhammad Saeed Download Pdf

Book Name: Wo Bhi Kya Din Thay

Writer: Hakeem Muhammad Saeed


Wo Bhi Kya Din Thay Book is written by Hakeem Muhammad Saeed. The author of the book is a prominent physician, educationalist, writer, and a well-known biographer. He wrote some excellent experimental books and shorts on the different analysis about different diseases and got fame worldwide. Moreover, he has been the governor of Sindh.

This Wo Bhi Kya Din Thay Book is an autobiography of the writer. He tells about his lifespan and visits to the other countries. He went to eastern Europe and felt that there should be an institution where physical and inspirational work should have the sound effect. After his visit, he came to Pakistan and established Hamdard Foundation. I hope you will like Wo Bhi Kya Din Thay Book.

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