Droon Russia By Hakeem Muhammad Saeed Pdf

Book Name: Droon Russia

Writer: Hakeem Muhammad Saeed


The book Droon Russia Pdf is written by Hakeem Muhammad Saeed. The author of the biography is a well-known person among the people. He is the Co-founder of the most famous Risala Hamdard, and he also wrote some excellent books. Most of his writings contain the historical events which encouraged the readers.

Hakeem Muhammad Saeed wrote the book Droon Russia Pdf. It is a travelogue book about his visit to USSR (Russia) with his family. He went there with family and stayed there for a long time. He went to many historical places and then, describes them in his famous travelogue which is available in pdf form now. It is a great treasury of knowledge about the most powerful country in the world. We hope our readers will like the book Droon Russia Pdf.

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