Khalid Bin Waleed By Sufi Karam Ilahi Pdf Download

Book Name: Khalid Bin Waleed

Writer: Sufi Karam Ilahi


Sufi Karm Ilahi is the writer of the excellent book Khalid Bin Waleed pdf. This book is the biography of the life of the great military commander of the Muslim forces at the time of the inception of Islam. He led many wars and defeated his enemies in the Warfield easily. On many occasions, he had to face difficulties but, Sword Of Allah made him ease in the shape of conquest.

This book Khalid Bin Waleed pdf is a masterpiece writing by Sufi Karam Ilahi. It describes the event and wars of the life of the greatest commander of that time. He was the commanding officer of the Muslim troops when Muslims defeated Romans and Irani forces. These were the superpowers but, he with the help of Allah and the pray of the Prophet, conquered all battles. I hope you will like this book Khalid Bin Waleed pdf.

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