Inam Yafta Hastian By Prof Muhammad Akram Raza Pdf

Book Name: Inam Yafta Hastian

Writer: Prof. Akram Raza


The book Inam Yafta Hastian Pdf is written by Professor Muhammad Akram Raza. The author of the book is a well-known scholar of Islam. He wrote several books with the title of Iman Yafta which became very famous among the readers. His beautiful style of writing about Islamic personalities clinched his unbelievable success in the Muslim world.

The book Inam Yafta Hastian Pdf is all about the greatest personalities of Islam. This book consists of biographies of the great mystic Sufis and persons who led their whole life for Islam. They preached the people and faced many difficulties in their lives. But, they never say any word which might ruin there future in life. So, this book provides enough material to the readers to know about them.

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