Tafseer e Ashrafi By Syed Muhammad Madni Pdf

Book Name: Tafseer e Ashrafi

Writer: Syed Muhammad Madni


Syed Muhammad Madni Ashrafi Jilani is the compiler of the book Tafseer e Ashrafi Pdf. The compiler of this Islamic book is an excellent name in India. He belongs to a very famous and religious family. His father, Syed Ahmad Kachochvi, got the title of Mohadith e Azam from Indian scholars. His brother Syed Hashmi was also a great speaker, writer, and scholar. He is now serving the people through his great works and deeds.

The book Tafseer e Ashrafi Pdf has all ten complete volumes. This book is another excellent effort by Syed Muhammad Madni, who compiled Tafseer’s authoritative text. There are many Tafaseer that the scholars of every sect collected and translated into their knowledge. But this book is a beautiful gift for everyone who wants to read Tafseer. I hope you will like this book Tafseer e Ashrafi Pdf and share it.

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