Islami Hikayat by Syed M Ilyas Kazmi Free Pdf

Book Name: Islami Hikayat

Writer: Syed Muhammad Ilyas Kazmi


Syed Muhammad Ilyas Kazmi is the author of the book Islami Hikayat Pdf. He is an excellent researcher and a religious scholar. He authored this book that made him an impressive writer among the other scholars. Many writers tried to write on Islamic history and moral characters before him, but they did not evolve such fame.

The book Islami Hikayat Pdf is the greatest work by Syed Muhammad Ilyas Kazmi. In this book, he described the life, holy character, and teachings of the Prophet of Allah (Peace Be Upon Him). He discussed in detail the last Prophet of Allah, but he also narrated the lives and characters of the companions of Rasool Allah SAW. This book is a beautiful gift for every single person who wants to learn manners.

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