Sunni Bahishti Zewar By Mufti Khalil Khan Barkati Pdf

Book Name: Sunni Bahishti Zewar

Writer: Mufti Khalil Khan Barkati


Mufti Khalil Khan Barkati is the author of the book Sunni Bahishti Zewar PDF. He is a prominent writer and scholar. He authored this book which covers the vast area of social problems in society. Mufti Khalil Khan Barkati compiled this book according to the social odds and their solution in Islam. He discussed in detail all these problems and then described their solutions according to the imperative methods.

This book Sunni Bahishti Zewar pdf is a beautiful exploration by the writer. It contains the fundamental problems of an individual. Every human faces many social and economic challenges in life and wants to know how to meet these challenges.

Islam is a complete code of life and helps in every walk of life of humans. So, Mufti Khalil Khan Barkati describes them in this book in full detail and gives a new dimension towards a better life. I hope you will like the book Sunni Bahishti Zewar PDF and share it with your friends.

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