Hazrat Syedna Ali Al Murtaza By Abdul Khaliq Tawakli Pdf

Book Name: Hazrat Syedna Ali Al Murtaza

Writer: Abdul Khaliq Tawakli


Abdul Khaliq Tawakli is the author of Hazrat Syedna Ali Al Murtaza Book. The author is an excellent scholar. He wrote many Islamic books and got appreciations from the readers. It is also a beautiful book by the writer. Abdul Khaliq Tawakli devoted his time to writing on the life of the beloved fourth Caliphate Hazrat Ali R.A.

The book Hazrat Syedna Ali Al Murtaza Pdf is all about the biography of Hazrat Ali Mola A.S. It is the best book on the lifespan and the achievements of the great Caliphate. Hazrat Ali was the cousin of the Holy Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. He was the first among the children who embraced Islam. He fought many battles and defeated to the worst enemies of Islam. Many wisdom revelations related to him.

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