Adab e Sunnat by Allama Alam Faqri Free Pdf

Book Name: Adab e Sunnat

Writer: Allama Alam Faqri


Allama Alam Faqri is the author of the book Adab e Sunnat pdf. He is the most excellent writer and scholar of Islam. Alam Faqri wrote many Islamic books and earned fame. His incredible effort for the renaissance of Islam gave him much reputation among Islamic scholars. His excellent work of good deeds brought him to mainstream fame.

The book is about the Sunnah. Allama Alam Faqri wrote with devotion to his efforts to enhance Islamic manners. This book is the best work that details the Sunnat e Nabvi SAW completely. All the deeds and actions of Rasool Allah SAWW are the best examples of Sunnah. This book contains these actions, which give every Muslim the to spend his life according to these Islamic manners.

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