Al Murtaza Urdu By Syed Abul Hassan Ali Nadvi Pdf

Book Name: Al Murtaza

Writer: Abul-Hassan Ali Nadvi


Syed Abul Hassan Ali Nadvi is a prominent scholar of the Deoband sect. He is such a great writer and Islamic scholar. He wrote Islamic books with the core of his heart and presented this beautiful gift to the whole universe. And this book Al Murtaza Pdf is one of his most reading books ever.

The book Al Murtaza Pdf is the masterpiece work of the author. It is the biography of the great fourth Caliphate of Islam, Hazrat Ali R.A. He was the cousin and the son-in-law of the great Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. Abul Hassan Ali Nadvi describes the whole life of the great Islamic personality. It is one of the finest works ever by the author who tells the detail about the Sher e Khuda Karamullah Wajhil Kareem.

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