Izalatul Khafa Urdu By Shah Waliullah Dehlvi Pdf

Book Name: Izalatul Khafa

Writer: Shah Waliullah Dehlawi


Izalatul Khafa Urdu Pdf complete name Izalatul Khafa’an Khilafatul Khulafa is another famous book by Shah Waliullah. The book was compiled in the Persian language, which is now available in Urdu translation work. Shah Waliullah was a prominent theologian, philosopher, historian, Sufi, and scholar of Islam. His father was also a renowned scholar who founded Madrassa Rahimya in Dehli.

The book Izalatul Khafa Urdu Pdf is a masterpiece written by a great philosopher. The book contains the perspective and kinds of Khilafat under the Islamic vision. In this book, Shah Waliullah described the organs of state and government, which directly link to the modern system of governance.

Moreover, this book tells the important ways of ruling over the subjects. Despite the modern system, Shah Waliullah discussed in detail the purposes of Khilafat under the injunctions of the Quran and Sunnah. I hope you like the book Izalatul Khafa Urdu Pdf and share it with your friends.

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