Khol Aankh Zameen Dekh By Abu Yahya Pdf

Book Name: Khol Aankh Zameen Dekh

Writer: Abu Yahya


Abu Yahya is the author of the book Khol Aankh Zameen Dekh Pdf. Abu Yahya is a renowned Pakistani writer and scholar. He penned over a dozen books but gained popularity by writing the book When life begins. He did his masters in computer technology and Islamic studies. Now, he is doing a Ph.D. thesis in social sciences subject. Besides these, he is the chief editor of the popular magazine Inzaar.

The book Khol Aankh Zameen Dekh Pdf is another great writing of Abu Yahya. It is an excellent article that provides enough knowledge about the things of this universe. In this book, the writer tells what a man should do and what things he must rely upon. This earth is a decisive stage for everyone living and breathing on it. Everything is helping human beings, and he is benefitting his own will.

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