Seerat e Hazrat Abu Huraira by Talib Hashmi Pdf

Book name: Seerat e Hazrat Abu Huraira

Writer: Talib Hashmi


Talib Hashmi is the author of the book Seerat e Hazrat Abu Huraira Pdf. He is a renowned writer, scholar, biographer, and scholar of Islam. Talib Hashmi authored a series of Islamic books on history and Islamic history. Due to his excellent work on Muslim personalities’ lives, he got appreciation from the readers.

Talib Hashmi beautifully writes the book Seerat e Hazrat Abu Huraira pdf. This book is the biography of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad, P.B.U.H., the most intelligent companion. He served his entire life under Rasool Allah S.A.W.’s banner and remembered many Ahadees from the Prophet. Moreover, more than four thousand Ahadees were compiled by Hazrat Syedna Abu Huraira R.A.

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