Hazoor Ki Rishtadar Khawateen By Shehnaz Kausar

Book Name: Hazoor Ki Rishtadar Khawateen

Writer: Shehnaz Kausar


Shehnaz Kausar is the author of the book Hazoor Ki Rishtadar Khawateen Pdf. The author of this book is a prolific Urdu writer and novelist. Besides writing books, she also writes short stories. But this book gave him much fame because it was one of her excellent writings of all time.

The book Hazoor Ki Rishtadar Khawateen Pdf is about the women who were relatives of Rasool Allah SAW. These women were pivotal during the first two ghazwas, like Ghazwa Badar and Ghazwa Uhad. All these notable women greatly loved Nabi e Kareem and showed on many occasions. I hope you like the book Hazoor Ki Rishtadar Khawateen Pdf and share it with your friends.

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