Balaad Ul Auliya By Tahir Lahori Free Pdf

Book Name: Balaad Ul Auliya

Writer: Tahir Lahori


The book Balaad Ul Auliya Pdf is a beautiful compilation about the shrines of Saints in Lahore by Tahir Lahori. The author wrote the biographies of the famous Sufi Saints in it and told the importance of their shrines. He discussed in detail how they came to Lahore and preached to the people about the oneness of Allah.

The book Balaad Ul Auliya Pdf is the biography of great Saints buried in Lahore. Tahir Lahori describes their life, teachings, and shrines in the famous city of Punjab, Lahore. It contains the biographies of Hazrat Maadu Lal Hussain, Hazrat Mian Mir, Miran Husain Zanjani, and last but not least, Hazrat Usman Hajveri Al-Maroof Data Ganj Bakhsh. I hope you will like the book Balaad Ul Auliya Pdf and share it with others.

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