Kitab ul Barzakh By Allama Noor Bakhsh Tawakali Pdf

Book Name: Kitab Ul Barzakh

Writer: Allama Noor Bakhsh Tawakali


The book Kitab ul Barzakh Pdf is an excellent Islamic work that contains the solution to many problems. Allama Noor Bakhsh Tawakali is the author of the reader who is a prolific religious scholar. He tried to sum up the fundamental issues about the belief of day of judgment. He is a scholar who has enough knowledge of Islamic teachings.

This book Kitab ul Barzakh Pdf is about the misconception of the people who think that there is no life after death. Allama Noor Bakhsh Tawakli quoted many references and made it a fundamental belief about the day of resurrection. It is mandatory upon every Muslim that he must have strong faith in the life after death. Allama Noor Bakhsh Tawakli narrated some quotes of Auliya Allah in this book and made it a comprehensive one.

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