Safeeran e Khuda By Masood Mufti Pdf Download

Book Name: Safeeran e Khuda

Writer: Masood Mufti


Masood Mufti is the author of the book Safeeran e Khuda Pdf. He is the author of this book, which brought him to the fame of success. Masood Mufti belongs to a literary family, so people also called him a scholar. He wrote religious books, but he also wrote on history, such as the debacle of Dhaka.

The book Safeeran e Khuda Pdf by Masood Mufti is a masterpiece work. This booklet is full of the miracles and teachings of the Prophet of Allah. Khuda sent his messengers to the earth so the people living on the land could get a straight path. They were sent to different places in the universe. At last, the prophethood ends with the arrival of the last Prophet Muhammad, P.B.U.H.

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