Khuda Ke Qasid By Sarfraz Ahmad Rahi Pdf

Book Name: Khuda Ke Qasid

Writer: Sarfraz Ahmad Rahi


Sarfraz Ahmad Rahi is the author of the book Khuda Ke Qasid Pdf. He is a great writer, historian, and novelist. Sarfraz Ahmad Rahi authored some quality books, bringing him to the limelight fame among Urdu writers. His excellent way of writing clinched his massive success in a short period. He wrote this book about the most outstanding personalities of Islam, who served the people with their excellent teachings.

The book Khuda Ke Qasid Pdf is another excellent writing by Sarfraz Ahmad Rahi. It contains the biographies of the great Sufis, Saints, Auliya e Allah, and great personalities of Islam. This book comprehensively details their lifespan, how they lead their life, their character, and their teachings. They preached to the people kindly and showed the right path toward Allah. So, read this famous book about great Muslim personalities of Islam.

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