Guftagu Complete by Wasif Ali Wasif Download Free Pdf

Book Name: Guftagu Complete

Writer: Wasif Ali Wasif


Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif is the biggest name of Urdu poetry and Sufism. He was the greatest writer, intellectual, Sufi, educationlist, columnist, and poet. He authored some best-selling books on the topic of Tasawwaf and this book Guftagu Complete Pdf is one of them. His Sufistic approach to the human thinkings made him the man of letters because he was the man who gave lectures on the oneness of Allah.

The book Guftagu Complete Pdf is the collection of his lectures and addresses. These are nearly up to 30 but, here are only two which are so powerful and these can change your life. We are trying our best to collect all these volumes and we will privde them very soon. So, this book is the best part of his tremendous and heart-evolving speeches about Tasawaf and Sufism. Now, you can download these volumes from this website in the Pdf file. I hope you will like this book Guftagu Complete Pdf.

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