Meena Kumari Meri Bhabhi By Raees Amrohvi Pdf

Book Name: Meena Kumari Meri Bhabhi

Writer: Raees Amrohvi


The book Meena Kumari Meri Bhabhi Pdf is a somewhat a collection of interviews of Syed Muhamamd Mehdi, aka Rais Amrohvi. It contains the story of Kamal Amrohvi, who was the first cousin of the author. Amir Hussain Chaman conducted this interview and then presented it in the shape of the book. It is all about Meenajee and Kamal Amrohvi, whose relationships were not so good as it might be. This book also contains the interview of Miss Zeba, who claimed herself the daughter of Meenaji and Kamal Sahib.

Raees Amrohvi is a famous Urdu poet, writer, psychoanalyst, and scholar. He is the elder brother of renowned poet Jon Elia. He authored many best sellers like Tawajjuhaat, Muraqba, Jinsiyaat, Ajaib e Nafs, Hypnotism, and Aalam e Barzagh. Raees Amrohvi played a significant role in the development of the Urdu language. It was the family of poets. His real name was Syed Muhammad Mehdi, who assassinated in 1988.

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