Aik Siasat Kai Kahaniyan By Rauf Klasra Pdf

Book Name: Aik Siasat Kai Kahaniyan

Writer: Rauf Klasra


Rauf Klasra is the author of the book Ak Siasat Kai Kahaniyan Pdf. This book contains the profiles and scandals of many political personalities in Pakistan. There is a massive setback for all political parties as it describes the astute scandals and profiles of politicians.

From the 90s to 2015, everything directly or indirectly deteriorated the prevailing situation in Pakistan. Rauf Klasra described every scandal of the politicians, including army malfunctions, in detail. It is an unbiased collection of mainstream scams relating to Pakistan’s politics.

Rauf Klasra is a well-known journalist and writer from Pakistan. He is best known for breaking stories and scams of influential people, including the elite class, bureaucrats, and army officials. This is one of his excellent writings in which he relentlessly described everything bravely. He hosted many programs on famous news channels.

Now, he has followed huge fans on social media from where he awakes the country’s ordinary people. I hope you will like the book Aik Siasat Kai Kahaniyan Pdf by Rauf Klasra and share it. Moreover, his best-seller book God Father is also available now in the market.

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