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Book Name: Jinnat

Writer: Raees Amrohvi


The book Jinnat Urdu Pdf is a collection of articles on Demons by Raees Amrohvi. It is one of the most exciting books describing Jinn’s presence. Besides writing on the existence and various kinds of activities of Jinn, Raees Amrohvi also authored books on metaphysics, yoga, and meditation. The writer compiled the people’s letters in which they asked about the reality of Demons and their presence in this world.

This book brings closeness to understanding the scientific and psychological phenomena of Jinn. The identification through scientific accumulations proved by various ways like Food, Disappearing, D.I.D., M.P.D., and their possession of other places simultaneously. So, this is the collection of articles about Jinn, Demons, and their creatures written by Rais Amrohvi.

Raees Amrohvi is a renowned Urdu poet, writer, psychoanalyst, and scholar of Pakistan. He is the elder brother of poet Jon Elia. He authored many books, including Tawajjuhaat, Muraqba, Jinsiyaat, Ajaib e Nafs, Hypnotism, and Aalam e Barzagh. I hope you will like the book Jinnat Urdu Pdf and share it with your social media friends.

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