Seerat Imam Hussain By Imam Ibn e Kaseer Pdf

Book Name: Seerat Imam Hussain

Writer: Imam Ibn e Kaseer


Imam Ibn e Kaseer is the author of the book Seerat Imam Hussain Pdf. He was a great Sunni scholar who became famous during the Mamluk dynasty in Syria. Imam Ibne Kaseer was a highly attributed expert of Tafsir, a Jurisprudent, and a historian. His book Tafsir Ibne Kaseer is one of the most original books on Tafseer.

Seerat Imam Hussain Pdf is one of the most original books on Syedna Imam Hussain R.A. In this book, the author, a renowned Muslim theologian, and historian, gave many authoritative references about the life, character, and virtues of Hazrat Imam e Hussain. He told every aspect of his life and the great deeds of the son of Hazrat Ali R.A. I hope you will love to read the book Seerat Imam Hussain Pdf by Imam Ibne Kaseer and share it with your friends.

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