Hypnotism Complete Book By Raees Amrohvi Pdf

Book Name: Hypnotism

Writer: Raees Amrohvi


The book Hypnotism Urdu Pdf is another excellent writing by Raees Amrohvi. In this book, the writer describes the presence of illusions that make human sense realistic. It is such a great piece of work, including the lines which may play a vital role in understanding human thinking quickly. Moreover, this contains the procedure of how to make one’s mind relax and sleepy.

Raees Amrohvi is a renowned Urdu poet, writer, psychoanalyst, and scholar of Pakistan. He is the elder brother of poet Jon Elia. He authored many excellent books, including Tawajjuhaat, Muraqba, Jinsiyaat, Ajaib e Nafs, Hypnotism, and Aalam e Barzagh.

Amrohvi played a significant role in uplifting the Urdu language in Sindh. Amrohvi’s family is called the Family of Poets. An extremist religious group killed him in 1988. I hope you will like the book Hypnotism Urdu Pdf and share it with others.

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