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Book Name: Bilal Urdu

Writer: Syed Saleem Gilani


Syed Saleem Gilani is the author of the history book Bilal Urdu Pdf. The author wrote the biography of the very charismatic personality of Islam. It is an excellent book that inspired the Muslims and changed their lives. A lot of Islamic events happened which changed the entire world.

The book Bilal Urdu Pdf is the biography of the famous slave Hazrat Bilal Habshi. He was the slave of Ummayya Bin Khalaf, but he loved the last Prophet Muhammad PBUH. His master always kept him under the cruelty to leave the new religion (belief) he had in his heart. After listening to the news of such a loving slave, Rasool Allah SAW arranged for his acquittance. Hazrat Bilal R.A had an inspirational voice of reciting the Adaan.

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