Siddique e Akbar By Shaykh Saeed Ahmad Akbar Abadi Pdf

Book Name: Siddique e Akbar

Writer: Shaykh Saeed Ahmad Akbar Abadi


The book Siddique e Akbar Pdf is a beautiful Islamic work by Maulana Saeed Ahmad Akbar Abadi. It is the complete biography of the life of Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique R.A. He was the companion of Rasool Allah and the first person who embraced Islam. He was the only person who stood with Muhammad PBUH when everyone opposed Nabi e Kareem due to his preachings.

The book Siddique e Akbar Pdf is the biography of the companion of Rasool e Kareem SAW. It was the time when the last Prophet Muhammad proclaimed Nabuwat then, Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique R.A supported him. Besides this, he was the father in law of the Holy Prophet. After the demise of Rasool Allah SAW, Hazrat Abu Bakar became the first Khalifa of the Islamic state that set in Madina. I hope you will like this book Siddique e Akbar Pdf.

Here, you can download Shaykh Saeed Ahmad Akbarabadi Books in Pdf. You may also read Ghazi Mureed Hussain Shaheed & Rahmatul Lil Alameen.

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