Seerat e Ghaus e Azam By Abdul Raheem Pdf

Book name: Seerat e Ghaus e Azam

Writer: Abdul Raheem Qadri


Abdul Raheem Qadri is the author of the book Seerat e Ghaus e Azam Pdf. It is the best book on the life of Hazrat Shaikh Abul Qadir Jilani R.A. The author is a prominent Islamic scholar. He wrote many excellent books in his lifetime. But, he became famous by writing this beautiful book on the famous Saint of Islam’s life.

The book Seerat e Ghaus e Azam PDF is the best Islamic work that tells about the life of Islam’s most adorable personality. Hazrat Sheikh Abul Qadir Jilani is the founder of the Qadria order in the world. He is the most outstanding Muslim Sufi and Saint in Islam. Millions of people around the world liked him and followed his great teachings.

Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani taught and trained thousands of disciples who played their role in expanding Islam. Meanwhile, he penned some famous books on the terms and teachings of Sufism. In the Indian subcontinent, the people called him Peeran e Peer and Ghaus e Meeran.

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