Karamat e Auliya By Allama Yousaf Nibhani Pdf

Book Name: Karamat e Auliya

Writer: Allama Yousaf Bin Ismail Nibhani


Allama Yousaf Bin Ismail Nibhani is the most outstanding Islamic scholar of Muslim history. He is one of the best Arabic poets and scholars. The book Karamat e Auliya Pdf is the leading work of Ismail Nibhani. Moreover, Allama Yousaf Nibhani was the Qazi in Jerusalem during the Ottoman Empire. He saw many ups and downs in his life and, later on, described them in the shape of poetry.

The book Karamat e Auliya Pdf is the best compilation by Allama Yousaf Nibhani. It explains in detail the lifespan of the great mystic Sufis. It also tells about Tsawwuf and the saints in the Islamic period. Muslims always sought some spiritual ways which may lead them into heaven. And it is the best book that describes the life, teachings, and great deeds of the greatest Sufis and Saints. I hope you will like this book Karamat e Auliya Pdf and share it with your friends.

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