Ahsan e Taqweem By Prof Ahmed Rafique Akhtar Pdf

Book Name: Ahsan e Taqweem

Writer: Professor Ahmad Rafique Akhter


Prof Ahmad Rafique Akhtar writes the book Ahsan e Taqweem Pdf. The book’s author is a famous intellectual, writer, philosopher, and a great mentor. Ahmad Rafique Akhtar authored many excellent books with basic knowledge about the universe. He delivered lectures on Sufism in a new way because he got inspiration from Hazrat Ali Hajveri Al Maroof Data Ganj Bakhsh.

The book Ahsan e Taqweem Pdf is an excellent work by Prof Ahmad Rafique Akhtar. He wrote this book in the context of the creation of this universe and the purposes of human design. This book is a collection of his lectures in which he talked about the different stages of human creation step by step. Allah created the human and called his Khalifa on earth. Moreover, this book briefly counts the objects of human life and his dreams.

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