Babar Nama Urdu By Zaheer Ud Din Babar Pdf

Book Name: Babar Nama Urdu

Writer: Zaheer Ud Din Muhammad Babar


Zaheer Ud Din Babar is the author of the book Babar Nama Urdu Pdf. Tuzuk e Babri is an autobiography of the founder of the Mughal rule in the Indian subcontinent. He was the son of Jahangir Mirza, the ruler of Samarkand state, and the grandson of the great Amir Timurid. After the death of Jahangir Mirza, the state of Samarkand did not prove him as the ruler, and the chieftains of the state soon started an internal war against him. But, he did not lose heart and made a plan to conquest the nearest conditions for his kingdom.

Zaheer Ud Din Babar wrote Tuzk-e-Babri in Persian. But, this book Babar Nama Urdu Pdf is the Urdu translation of his writing. In this book, he describes his life, conquests, troubles, his way of ruling, and much more about the time he spent during the bad days. Zaheer Ud Din Muhammad Babar fought his first battle against Ibrahim Lodhi, who was the ruler of the Lodhi Kingdom. He defeated him in the first battle of Panipat in 1526 and led the foundation of the Mughal rule in India.

This book Babar Nama Urdu pdf describes his achievements throughout his life. Babar was fond of art and literature. He had a great love for natural beauty and did an excellent job for the extension of natural beauty. Moreover, this book Babar Nama Urdu Pdf is wholesome of his life, character, conquest, and achievements.

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