Humayun Nama Urdu by Gulbadan Begam Pdf

Book Name: Humayun Nama Urdu

Writer: Gulbadan Begum


Gulbadan Begum is the authoress of Humayun Nama Urdu Pdf. She wrote a biography about the life of her half-brother Humayun. Meanwhile, Gulbadan Begum was the daughter of the founder of the Mughal rule in India, Zaheer Ud Din Muhammad Babur. Amir Taimur was the grandfather of the Mughal princess Gulbadan Begum.

Humayun Nama Pdf is the translation work into Urdu. Gulbadan Begum wrote it in the Persian language with Ahwal Humayun Padshah Jama Kardam Gulbadan Begum Bint Babar Padshah Amma Akbar Padsha. It is an excellent biography on the count of Mughal’s second rule in the Indian subcontinent. Moreover, this book describes the ups and downs of the Mughal emperors.

After the death of the Babur, Humayun became the emperor of India. He defeated his brothers Kamran, Hindal, and Askari in different battles. But, soon after he sat on the throne, Sher Shah Suri came and captured his throne. He went into exile for four years and remained in Iran for many years. But, after Sher Shah Suri’s death, he returned and regained the throne.

Humayun Nama Pdf is the wholesome history of the Mughal Sultanate. It also gives a brief account of the life and reigning period of Jalal Ud Din Muhammad Akbar. I hope you will like Humayun Nama Urdu Pdf and share it.

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