Lutfullah Ki Aap Beeti By Dr. Mubarak Ali Pdf

Book Name: Lutfullah Ki Aap Beeti

Writer: Molvi Lutfullah

Translator: Dr. Mubarak Ali


The book Lutfullah Ki Aap Beeti Pdf is an autobiography of Molvi Lutfullah. But, this book is the Urdu translation of the famous English writing which translated by Dr. Mubarak Ali. Lutfullah was a prominent Indian who had close relationships with the British crown. He was the leftist wing of East India Company in India.

Dr. Mubarak Ali wrote the Urdu version of Lutfullah Ki Aap Beeti Pdf. In this book, the author told the life of Molvi Lutfullah who played a pivotal role in the nineteenth century. On insist by British officers, the former penned the autobiography who describes the position of Indian during the rule of the British monarch. I hope you will like to read the book Lutfullah Ki Aap Beeti Pdf and Share it.

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