Jahangir Ka Hindustan By Mubarak Ali Pdf

Book Name: Jahangir Ka Hindustan

Writer: Dr. Mubarak Ali


Dr. Mubaraka Ali is the translator of the book Jahangir Ka Hindustan Pdf. This book is the Urdu translation of the famous book written in the 17th century. The writer of this book was a Dutch traveler who went to the court of Jahangir and later discussed the social life, customs, and trade means of the Mughal era in his writing.

The book Jahangir Ka Hindustan Pdf is the Urdu translation of the famous Dutch writing Jahangir’s India. Fransisco Pelsaert was a Dutch traveler in India during the reign of Jahangir. He wrote the book Jahangir’s India in his native language, which W.H. Moreland translated into English.

Later, Dr. Mubarak Ali translated it from English to Urdu. This book describes the entire period of the fourth Mughal emperor, famous for his acts. I hope you will like this book Jahangir Ka Hindustan Pdf.

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