Ahram e Misr History Urdu By Rajpoot Iqbal Ahmad Pdf

Book Name: Ahram e Misr

Writer: Rajpoot Iqbal Ahmad


Rajpoot Iqbal Ahmad is the author of the book Ahram e Misr History in Urdu Pdf. He wrote the history of Egyptian Pyramids, which have a history of hundreds and thousands of years ago. Rajpoot Iqbal Ahmad of this historical monument is a research educationalist who regularly writes for the science magazine.

The book Ahram e Misr History in Urdu Pdf is a masterpiece of writing. It tells the history of the pyramids of Egypt. These are 118 to 138 in numbers which are actually the tombs and resorts of Pharaohs of Egypt. Giza’s great pyramid is one of the largest in Egypt, which unfolded the ancient history of past Pharaohs. So, it is an excellent book which tells the readers which they have not known ever before.

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