Muhammad Ali Jinnah by Waqar Asghar Peroz Pdf

Book Name: Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Writer: Waqar Asghar Peroz


Waqar Asghar Peroz is the author of the book Muhammad Ali Jinnah pdf. The author of this book is an Assistant Professor at GC University Faisalabad. He is interested in the history of the Indian subcontinent, so he chose the subject of history. Not only did he write about Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s life, but he also gave details of his life.

The book Muhammad Ali Jinnah pdf is a masterpiece work of Waqar Asghar Peroz. Quaid e Azam Jinnah was the founder of Pakistan. He was the person who acted upon the two-nation theory and developed the idea of a separate homeland. He led Pakistan on every platform, and here, he became the first Governor-General of Pakistan. I hope you will like the book Muhammad Ali Jinnah Pdf and share it with your friends.

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