Mukhtasar Tarikh e Afghanistan By Sahibzada Hameed Ullah

Book Name: Mukhtasar Tarikh e Afghanistan

Writer: Prof. Hameed Ullah


Prof Sahibzada Hameed Ullah is the author of the book Mukhtasar Tarikh e Afghanistan Pdf. He is a legendary writer, scholar, and historian. Sahibzada Hameed Ullah authored some excellent history books, which earned him a massive success. But, this book is giving him the mainstream edge of fame among the present historians.

The book Mukhtasar Tarikh e Afghanistan Pdf is all about the history of Afghanistan. Ahmed Shah Durrani set modern-day Afghanistan, which made him the man of power. He was the founder of Afghan tribes who established the kingdom of Afghanistan in 1747.

After the death of Ahmed Shah, many invaders and rulers ruled over the state. Moreover, It is the land of bravery that produced many combatants, and still, it paved trouble for the US forces. I hope you will like the book Mukhtasar Tarikh e Afghanistan Pdf by Sahibzada Hameed Ullah and share it with your friends.

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